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Gestational Surrogacy Discussion

This article covers quite a few of the points you’ll want to cover in your discussions about gestational surrogacy. Of course, every situation is unique so not every factor you may face is included. Nonetheless, this is a good starting point. If the Intended Parents and the Gestational Carrier find that they share similar values, through the discussion of these items, they can move forward with writing their contract.  LEARN MORE >

Gestational Surrogate Advanced Care Plan

This is a combined Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney and allows a gestational surrogate to state what her wishes are in the event that she is unable to make her own health care decisions. Everyone should have an advanced care plan. Surrogates especially need one because the people for whom she is carrying a child need to know her wishes in case a tragedy strikes. This is an area in which there needs to be complete agreement before moving forward with attempting a pregnancy.!  LEARN MORE >