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Julia Tate-Keith devotes herself to serving the needs of families. She assists parents in adoptions, couples forming their families through surrogacy, people who are seeking to help others as surrogates and egg donors, and sexual minority couples who are strengthening their coupleships through legal steps as well as growing their families through assisted reproductive technologies. Tennessee has limited case law and very few statutes on assisted reproduction. In this environment, Julia helps clients by creatively working with the laws of our state to form and protect families.


Julia J. Tate-Keith, Esq.

Julia Tate has been focusing on family formation since her law studies at Vanderbilt University School of Law. Learn More

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There are many paths  to forming your family. Tennessee Baby Law can walk that path with you.  If you need a service not listed here, please let us know. We’ll help you find the route that works for you.Learn More

TN Surrogacy

Despite Tennessee having very little law on assisted reproductive technologies, we will make the most of what we have for your benefit in forming your family.Learn More

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To help you learn more about family formation, Tennessee Baby Law provides information you can use in whatever path you choose to take.Learn More