Gestational Surrogacy Discussion

Surrogacy Agreement Talking Points: An Attorney’s Thoughts on Negotiating your Surrogacy Agreement By Julia J. Tate, Esq.–[email protected] When Intended Parents and potential Surrogates find each other, it can be a little like falling in love. Everyone seems so perfect. You seem to have so much in common with one another. Your hopes and dreams seem to mesh so well. You can’t imagine that there would ever be a disagreement that you couldn’t work out by just sitting down and talking. The process of negotiating your Surrogacy Agreement should burst that idealistic bubble so that you get an Agreement that can serve as a firm foundation for your relationship. After all, it’s hard to build on a bubble! A new relationship between Intended Parents and a potential Surrogate (and her husband or partner) is also like other relationships in that we are often hesitant to ask important questions of one another. [...]

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